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Uses of Sodium Carbonate in Everyday Life

by Ira

Soda ash or washing soda has applications in various daily life needs. Chemically known as sodium carbonate, washing soda has been a part of human life since early civilizations; although, it has other uses. But it is mainly famous for its cleansing ability.

Below is an overview of some of the standard applications of na2co3. Its versatility will surprise you, undoubtedly.

Daily Life Uses of Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash)

As Washing Agent

Soda ash has a significant application in household cleanings, from carpets to everyday clothes. The cleaning power of the washing soda is matchless. Therefore, most people use it to wash away nasty stains that regular detergents cannot remove.

However, it would be best if you were careful to rinse the clothes afterward. Because applying soda ash leaves a nasty smell on your clothes. Also, too much application may stiffen the fabric. Hence, you’ll require a softening agent.

Sodium carbonate detergents are eco-friendly. Therefore, they are rapidly replacing phosphate detergents.

Anti-Stick Agent

Nobody likes the food sticking to the container’s lid. Fungus and algae begin to form on the accumulated food. Sprinkling a pinch of soda ash mixed with salt prevents that.

Too much dust also makes food stale. Soda ash can help with this issue as well. Mix some soda ash and water and spray it around in your food storage. It prevents the dust from getting into the food items and helps maintain their hygiene.


Soda ash also functions as a dishwashing agent. It can remove greasy stains from cooking utensils quickly. Moreover, it does not ruin the cooking pots and pans like other harsh chemicals.

Glass Manufacturing

Silica is an element found in sand. Silica melts to form glass. However, it has an extremely high melting point. Since creating such high-temperature values is expensive, industries use soda ash to reduce the melting point of silica. Among the industrial applications, the glass industry owes its stability to soda ash.

Metallurgical Cleaning

Soda ash cannot only clean tea stains but it can also clean metals. The presence of other metals contaminates an ore. For instance, different proportions of Sulphur and phosphate are present in ferrous and non-ferrous ores. Adding soda ash to these ores helps distill the unwanted minerals from them.

Moreover, soda ash also eases the recycling processes of aluminum and zinc metals.

Descaling Agent

Soda ash also works as a descaling agent. It means it helps remove the salt depositions. Hard water causes salt to accumulate. You can make a concentrated soda solution with water, and it will magically wash away all the salt depositions.

Drain Opener

Clogged drains are unhygienic. But buying drain opening agents are expensive. Also, the amount of clog may require bulks of cleaning agents. If you are looking for an economical and effective solution, you can make a soda ash solution and consent with its quick action.


Soda ash has multiple cleaning and purifying applications. It is common in both household chores and industries. However, soda ash is reactive to the skin as well. Therefore, one must take precautionary measures when using it. Besides the applications listed above, it also treats the acid rain affected water bodies due to its alkaline nature.

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