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Tips For Wearing a Honey Blonde Wig

by Ira

Changing the color of the hair is an evergreen trend in the fashion industry. Many options are available today to dye hair, from funky neon tones to more subtle blondes and browns. You can choose from a horde of options. However, this presents a dilemma as well.

What color do you pick? And what if you don’t like the one you choose now? A hairstyle can make or break the look, so it must be done carefully. In this case, a honey blonde wig presents an awesome solution. You can go with any style and cut you want and change it whenever you like. Honey blonde is one of the most flattering tones on all complexions.

If you are ready to experiment with this wig color, keep reading to know some top tips for wearing a honey blonde wig.

Some Important Tips to Follow When Wearing A Honey Blonde Wig

Pick A Color That Matches Your Natural Hair

There are different shades of honey blonde hair available. You may be tempted to choose the luscious color that stands out the most. But know that all tones do not compliment everyone. The best way to ensure you pick the right honey blonde shade is to choose one that goes well with your natural hair color.

If the shade complements the natural hair, the tones will blend beautifully. If the two colors don’t match, wearing the wig might give an overall look of purple or gray hair.

Wear A Cap Under the Wig

Before wearing your new honey blonde locks, wear a cap matching your skin tone underneath the wig. The cap will ensure that the wig sits tightly on your head and doesn’t damage the roots of your hair. The cap will also protect the rest of your hair. But you must ensure that the cap matches your skin color so it doesn’t look odd.

Clean With Care

The best part about wearing the honey blonde wig is the natural and bright shine of the hair. If you maintain the wig well, the shine and color will last for a long time, but in case of poor maintenance, the wig can end up dull and brittle.

Don’t wash the wig too often, only as needed. Make sure you are using cleaning products that are safe for use on honey blonde wigs. Read the manual or ask the seller about it.

Protect The Heat from Too Much Heat

Try to avoid wearing your honey blonde wig out in direct sunlight. It will only wash away the bright color of the wig. Don’t use too many heating and styling tools to protect the color and style from damage, so you can wear it long-term. Both the sun rays and the heat from styling tools can shorten the life of the wig and damage it.

Choose The Fit and Length Carefully

Your wig should not be too tight or loose on your head, or it will look weird. Make sure you know the size, or try it on first. Moreover, the wig length should be according to your personality and lifestyle. If you want to wear it daily to work, maybe go for a short or medium wig. For use on special occasions, pick a longer style.


Honey blonde is one of a wig’s most beautiful and popular colors. It flatters your skin tone and is perfect for a night out or a professional meeting. You can style it in various ways. Follow the tips above to take full advantage of your new honey blonde locks. And have fun experimenting with it.

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