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How to Assemble the Framing for a Garage Roll-Up Door

by Ira

You have switched to a different garage door or are preparing to have it installed. Once you’ve decided on a garage door that you like, half the fight is over. Next, you’ll need to frame the garage’s rough opening for the door you will install. Constructing a door frame you need to have a roll up door hardware kit ensures a perfect fit between the door and its opening. The track, as well as spring, may be attached in this way as well. This tutorial will outline the basic procedures for building a garage door so that you may construct one with ease.

How To Make A Garage Roll-Up Door Frame

A frame of a garage roll up door consists of the header, the two rows of jambs on each side, the framing that holds the track, and the central bracket of the spring. To prepare your garage door’s preliminary opening ready for installation, follow these steps:

● Collect Supplies

Tools and materials required include a measuring tape, pencil, circular or band saw, and two-by-sixes. As an alternative to wood, Plastic garage door jambs are available. You will need timber twice as long as the height from your garage floor to ceiling and four times as tall on either side of the rough opening. Lumber to cover the space between the header and, thus, the ceiling will also be required.

● Determine The Garage Door Opening Size

The preliminary opening should be bigger than the garage you choose before you install the structure. It’s important to provide an extra half-inch of clearance between the garage floor and the rough header when installing a new garage door. This means the header has to be nine inches broader than the door. A door’s rough opening must be three inches wider on each side than the door itself. A garage door 12 feet wide will have a rough opening of 15 inches.

● Set Up The Head Jamb

The door jambs are just vertical wood strips surrounding a door frame and supporting the header at the top. Installers may call the vertical member above the doorway the “head jamb,” and the horizontal members on each side “side jambs.” The side jambs must sit flat against the head jamb. Thus it must be installed first.

● Floor-To-Ceiling Measurements

Two pieces of the framework will need to be added to the garage wall alongside the hole. The garage door’s tracks will be secured to the wall using these brackets. Your garage door developer may use the term “goal post” to describe this framework. These jambs accommodate the floor-to-ceiling measurement of your garage. Once the height is measured, cut two wood strips to that length.

● Fix Your Goal Post

Attach the two halves of the opponent’s goal to the inside of one’s garage wall using framing nails. It’s recommended that you bump up even against the head jamb you set up in Step 3.


The distinction between the rough opening and the polished opening is critical. The “rough opening” or “rough framing” refers to the width of the entrance before the application of the final framing throughout the garage door. Your garage door’s rough opening needs to be a hair bigger than the door to accommodate the frame. After the framework has been set up, the resulting void is the completed opening.

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